Thursday, September 6, 2007


This cold / allergies / flu that I am currently feeling sucks. It's in the that dreaded "I feel good enough to do work, but I am drowning in mucus" phase. I so badly want to just blow the hell out of my nose, but every time I think about it I realize my office mates are probably pissed off at me enough with my constant sniffling. Go in the hall you say? I'm lazy ass hell I say. And what's the point of being sick if you can't whine about it.

Now enough of that nonsense, in more important news I want to talk to you all about popcorn lung. Guess what? If you eat a shit ton of microwave popcorn, or rather smell it, (ones with the artificial flavorant dicetyl) you may get the dreaded popcorn lung. Now of course the media and crazy people are telling you that eating popcorn will give you the POPCORN LUNG, but really as long as you don't sit there inhaling popcorn fumes all day you'll be all right. I just like saying popcorn lung, it goes nicely with cauliflower ear, feet corns, and the soon to be popular gravy nose.
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