Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well right now I have been flipping back and forth between West Virginia - Miss State - Kentucky. The West Virginia game is an ugly one thus far, the rain had hampered both offenses, butas you could expect the running attack of UWV is affected less. The Kentucky game is looking like a let down game for UK.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sitting here on a lazy Friday afternoon...

I am looking at the paper I am currently working on (no you do not want to know what it's about) and I noticed that I used "quite" in the same sentence three times!! I can distinctly remember knowing a lot more words back when I was in high school. Ten years of science education has eradicated my useful vocabulary. Now I say useful because in the meantime I have managed to pick up more than enough science and math words that are totally useless in real life. Try dropping eigenvalue, hermitian, orthogonal, or adiabatic into normal conversation. It never works out well.

I think I might try to blog this weekend about college football and more importantly the broadcasts of such games. I hope to include biting analysis of commentators and hilarious barbs about crappy ass commercials.